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[Coronavirus & Steps I'm Taking] Moriah Peterson Photography Bowling Green, Kentucky Photographer

March 2020

I know it seems like we can't get away from hearing about the Coronavirus, however I want to inform my clients with the steps I'm taking to protect them, our families, and myself.

I am thankful to offer a clean professional studio space for all indoor sessions. My studio is not in my home and is low volume, with not more than 1-2 sessions each week. No sessions will take place on the same day. I have always cleaned and sanitized before and after each session and I will be continuing that, while going the extra step and wiping down light switches, door handles and remotes etc., before and after every session. I will be using a disinfecting spray on all fabric seating that I offer to my clients after each use.

As always, cleanliness and sanitizing of my studio surfaces, bathroom and props will be done before and after each session. All fabrics used during sessions are always washed after each use. I have always and will continue to use proper hand hygiene during all sessions.

I will ask the following of each client:

Please remove your shoes before entering the photographing room of the studio.

Upon entering the studio please wash your hands.

At this time I will not be proving beverages and snacks during sessions, but you are are welcome to bring your own.

If anyone in your family is showing any signs of illness please contact me to reschedule your session.

Sessions will not be held if either client/family members or myself has any symptoms of illness.

If you have additional questions don't hesitate to email me directly here.



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