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The Big Reveal | Baby Peterson


My pregnancy has been an amazing experience and I am so blessed to be able to say that. My husband and I have spent the last 19 weeks hearing our baby's heartbeat, watching my belly slowly grow and waiting to find out if our baby was a he or a she. To celebrate the occasion we decided to have family and friends gather together for a big reveal. My sisters and I got together to decorate and plan.

One of my sisters painted a beautiful tree on a canvas for people to add a heart stamp to the

tree with either pink or blue ink. This will go in our little one's nursery. We also had friends and family put their guesses in a mason jar which was so much fun.

We have family that live all over the United States so we decided to live stream our reveal on my husband's YouTube channel. We decided that we would find out the baby's gender at the same time as everyone else. We had my sister in-law fill the balloon.

My husband had the honor of shooting the balloon to see if we were expecting a son or daughter.

And right at 7:30 pm we found out that Baby Peterson is a BOY!

This experience was so fun for us and our family. If you are expecting a little one contact me today to help you document this incredible journey. Email for more information and to start documenting your story today!




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